project life

project life, 2017 week 12

Plugging along, ever onward as I try to keep pace with the passage of time. Love getting more weeks documented, remembered, and cherished. Love the perspective this project gives on my own life and the gratitude for it, which I feel only because I have had this chance to reflect through creating.

I’ve linked the process video for the spread at the end of the post; I hope you check it out and subscribe if you’re into that sort of thing!


The base for this week is a combination of Ali Edwards March 2017 Digital Kit and Studio Calico Birds and Bees Documenter kit. You may remember from week 11 the heart (from the Bond Story Kit)I used on the right hand side of the page. Here is the back side, which I have covered and cut out these flower pictures from around the neighborhood.


This “hello” sticker is from the Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams Phrase Stickers and I use a couple more throughout the spread.


The “hello spring” card is from Ali’s March digital release and I wanted to use it to document the first day of spring. The “Monday” is from Ali’s Storytelling Class Stamp Set. Label and phrase from that Maggie Holmes sticker sheet referenced above.


“Bring on the Routine” is a phrase from Ali’s What Today Looked Like stamp set, which is currently out of stock, but there is a button to be notified when it gets stocked again. I took this photo of the stuff in the sink. Regular, everyday things like this often go unnoticed, like some kind of visual background noise. I’m trying to get better at actually seeing these things and documenting them; they can change in an instant and be gone. The “shine” is from that sticker sheet.


right side…


The card on the top is about rain, so cute! From Ali’s March digital kit.


“The Story of this Meal” is from the Eat Story Kit. It’s acutally a small paper pad with lots of these on it; I’m sure I’ll use every one of them. “March Stories” from the digital release. I don’t take pictures of every thing and some stories don’t have pictures. This card was the perfect way to get these micro-stories recorded.


And the whole thing together.

Thank you for coming by!

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