week in the life

getting ready for week in the life

Starting this Monday, April 17th, I’ll be joining thousands of crafters embarking on a detailed look at our lives for a one week period — Week in the Life. It was invented by Ali Edwards and she’s been doing it for years. This will be my fourth year.


As usual, I’m excited to begin this photo documentary journey. I haven’t done much by way of album prep. The supplies I’m using are the ones Ali created specifically for this project. You don’t need to use the products to do Week in the Life, but it certainly helps keep me focused on the photos and words, instead of worrying about product.

Something that will be quite different for me this year is that it’s going to be a boring week. For some crazy reason, the other three times I’ve done this we’ve had crazy things going on: one year I was in a wedding, another year we went camping, and last year was the week preceding my own wedding. I keep looking at my schedule for this coming week, hoping that the many days of over 12hrs of work will somehow change. But they don’t.

I love this project because it gives me much needed perspective on my life. With perspective comes gratitude, at least for me. I also love it because, more than Project Life, it provides an even more in-depth snapshot of a brief period in my life. The way it is. Right now. Things change so suddenly; it’s important to remember.

Regarding my Project Life spread for the week, I think I’m going to record the food of the week in more detail in this spread, using the Eat Story kit. I’m sure some food photos will make it into the Week in the Life album, and I’m totally ok with that. Last year, I set a timer to take a picture at 11am every day and used those seven photos for my spread. I didn’t choose 11am; I put a range of times into a random number generator and that’s what came up. I may do that again, though. I think it’s going to be a game-time decision.

New for this year, I’m going to try to post some photos and stories of the day, every day. I think this will really help me with the journaling I have to do when I sit down to put the album together.

So, are you in? Let’s do this!


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