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week in the life 2017 | monday words + photos

For this post, I’ll be copying Ali Edwards and starting my thoughts with “I see.” I struggle a bit with creatively portraying the everyday. She does it so well, I figure it’s a good jumping off point for me. It’s a unique way to get some additional perspective by removing myself from the photos a bit…

This particular Monday I was on call for a 24hr period, at least 12 of said hours I am required to be physically at work.


I see Elizabeth, who stays on the bed after we get up. She just loves when we get up and is so squeezy, no matter what time it is. Today, it was 0618.


6:19 I see Magpie, who usually comes trotting into our room as soon as she hears us stirring. She likes to check out the situation on the patio before really engaging. Here I caught her mid-meow, as she was declaring the perimeter secure.


6:42 I see signs of spring indoors. Still loving the tulips I picked up last Friday for Easter and that they are still so pretty. Bulb flowers are my absolute favorite. (Tabitha is on her usual perch in the background.}


6:53 I see cars in front of me preventing me from getting through is light before it turns red. This is the LONGEST LIGHT on my short drive to work. Makes me late all the time. Which probably means I should leave the house earlier, but I don’t.


7:01 I see a parking lot full of activity: a night shift person leaving, an ambulance (one in a constant stream of them) dropping of a sick person. My view as I walk into the building where our office is. These clouds are a remnant of the storm that happened overnight. Almost on time.


8:47 I see a hallway heading out of a unit and towards the stairs. Had to see someone before rounds begin…


9:33 I see an injured person, critically ill. While on rounds we saw someone who was in traction. I know it helps with the pain, but I can’t imagine how. Just looks painful.


11:12 I see just how out of shape I am. Ugh. Still being motivated by my new FitBit to take the stairs… four flights up. Let’s do this.


11:26 I see my desk in the office and am settling in for paperwork. Rounds are completed; now back in the office to do some paperwork. I share this desk with one of my partners, but he lets me put my stuff on it (especially since he already has another desk all his own and this is my only one). His only contribution is two GIANT monitors. One I use to actually work and the other I have some music on, plus my calendar and inbox.


12:35 I see actual paperwork to be completed. Before I let myself eat lunch, I need to finish these medical student evaluations. I’m still kinda shocked they’re on paper in this digital age…


13:01 I see a sandwich lovingly made by my wife. A real ham sandwich with ham from yesterday’s Easter feast. I’ve been on a kick that I don’t want to use plastic bags for food; just wax paper and stuff like that. These little brown bags are a perfect sandwich size. The bread only gets a tiny bit dried out and it seems more natural to me, so I’m ok with it.


14:36 I see computers everywhere… Had several things to attend to in the afternoon, on several different floors. It was towards the end of my tasks that I realized how many different computers I use when I’m at work. I should keep track next time I’m on call.


16:27 I see spring atop my desk. One of the things I indulge in is flower delivery to the office every week. It’s such a lovely thing to look up from my desk and see something alive and soft.


16:47 I see a woman who has sacrificed more than she can say for the privilege of operating. I see a surgeon.


20:20 I see a way to get home. After over 13 hours of work, it’s finally time to head home for a little dinner. I may or may not have to come back tonight, but I can almost always squeeze out some time to go home and eat.


20:39 I see a home cooked meal, made with love. I’m the luckiest girl in the world; this amazing shepherd’s pie dinner was waiting for me when I got home.


20:42 I see Maggie, thinking she’s invisible behind the tulips.


21:24 I see a space to unwind a bit after dinner before bed. Archer never fails to entertain.


21:45 I see far too many gadgets: TV/Directv remote, PS4 controller (how we watch netflix), the remote for the receiver to change inputs (PS4 vs directv), and the call phone.

Landed in bed at 22:10

2 thoughts on “week in the life 2017 | monday words + photos

    1. Thank you for your kind words and the feedback! I actually talk about the differences in all our days in the post for Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by!


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