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week in the life | tuesday words and photos

I may have already mentioned this, but one of the things I love about this project is the sense of perspective it gives me. That perspective turns into gratitude. About all of my life, even the not-so-good parts. One of the things I was thinking about as I was looking at other people’s days on Facebook and instagram, was how different they all are. I love seeing pictures of people’s kids, school activities, getting ready in the morning and tucking into bed. It’s so very different from my own life right now. My photos are boring for me… work, surgery, cats… but it’s different from many other people’s lives. Seeing those differences helps me so much to appreciate how very special and precious all of our lives are, no matter what stage they are in.


Some days I wake up very early. Today it was just after 5:00; needed to get back into work by 5:20am as I am still on call. As I was getting ready, T made my breakfast. I always tell her she should sleep in, but she says she loves making my breakfast. Who am I to argue? Breakfast = Greek yogurt, blackberries, pumpkin seeds, a teaspoon of honey, and a dash or two of cinnamon.


6:42 Some days, when I have rounding responsibilities, I get to the office to participate in patient hand-offs. Today I’m the main part of the team getting off call and I need to fill in the other surgeons about what’s going on with the in-house patients. We have a pretty sweet set-up; that giant TV in the background is linked to the electronic medical record, so we can pull up labs and CTs or whatever else we need to so we fully understand what’s going on with everyone.


7:05 Most Tuesdays we meet an hour early, so we can get to a conference at 7:00. Since I’m not talking, I can enjoy my breakfast during the conference.


7:44 Some Tuesdays our first conference of the day is Tumor Board, which is multi-disciplinary, so we have radiologists, oncologists, pathologists, and surgeons in one room to talk about complicated cancer cases.


Some days I decide to not be lazy and take the stairs. By the time I get to the 5th floor, I’m dying. Almost literally.


9:05 Most Tuesdays we spend several hours in this room in conferences: M&M (morbidity and mortality) and didactic sessions about various surgical topics. Today’s topic: liver infections and portal hypertension.


10:37 Still here; fourth hour of conference. During the talks, I’ve been emailing and texting furiously with the girls in the trauma office. We’re in the final stages of preparation for a critical site visit that will happen Sunday, so it’s crunch time.


10:56 Some days, my walk to the parking lot takes me past this little creek. No longer on call and conferences over now, I walk back to the parking lot. On the way I pass a creek that runs through the middle of the medical campus. I’ve lived/worked here for almost seven years and this is the first time I’ve ever seen the creek this full. So relieved we got so much rain/snow this winter and the drought is finally over.


11:37 Some days our house guests bring doggies! I say goodbye to T and our house guest (who stayed after Easter), which means I get to hang out with her dog, Cooper. Such a cutie patootie.


12:55 Most days Maggie wants to sit on us while we eat meals. I’m sitting down for a lunch of leftover pizza from Good Friday. Maggie always tries to sit on my lap as soon as I sit down, especially with a dog in the house. But I don’t want her on my lap while eating, so I guide her to the spot next to me on the couch. She begrudgingly accepts the reassignment.


12:23 On Easter, the hard drive on our genie died. With it, it took HOURS of recorded shows that we’ll never get back. (Yeah, first world problems, but I LOVE tv.) They sent another and I quickly get to setting it up. Once I activate it, the technician on the phone realizes they sent me the wrong kind. UGH.


15:14 Some days Maggie visits me in the studio. After struggling with the Directv thing and taking a quick cat nap, I head up to my studio to work on my blog post for Monday and finish a layout I was working on. Maggie finds her way up to say hi.


15:42 T and M arrive back from their shopping and lunch excursion. It was rainy this morning and T wanted to wear her Bean boots to slosh around in puddles. She couldn’t get this one off!!


15:57 Some days I walk to the mailbox instead of hitting it as I drive into the neighborhood. I see this kitty watching me from across the street. I walk over to her (?) and she immediately starts being all cute and rolling around. I almost took her home!


16:18 Some days Tabitha crams herself into this perch. I don’t see how it’s comfortable, but it must be! She’s a big girl, so she kinda spills over the edges… Tabitha Muffintop.


17:20 Some days I help prep for dinner. Today, M and I are working on preparing the fava beans for tonight’s pasta dish. LOVE fava beans.


17:41 Some days I empty the dishwasher. Tracy and I don’t have specific chores (aside from me not cooking!); we both know what needs to be done and if one of us can get to laundry or clean up, we pitch in and do it.


18:33 Some days we try out recipes from various sources; this one comes from the Food Network Magazine. This dinner is a pasta dish using fave beans and something called ramps, which are kind of a mix between a scallion and a leek with a slight garlicy flavor that are only available for a couple of weeks in the spring. Neither of us had ever heard of them before, let alone eaten or cooked with them, so this will be interesting.


19:07 Most days I spend time in my studio working on project life or traditional scrapbook layouts. Today I finished working on something I had started on Friday. I’m trying to get more comfortable with design and color choices in traditional layouts; this design idea was scrap lifted from a class I’m taking.


19:32 Here is the pasta dish; the protein is spicy Italian sausage. This was SO FREAKING GOOD.


20:26 Some days, wine goes with dinner and ligers for a bit after. After dinner we rented “Patriot’s Day” about the Boston marathon bombings. One Boston Day was this past Saturday and actual Patriot’s Day was this Monday. Good tie in. Great movie.

It was an intense movie, so we stayed up a bit to decompress and chat. Bed time was around 21:40. Pooped.

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