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week in the life 2017 | wednesday words and photos

My work days look different every day. Actually, every day looks different all the time. I have a random schedule, because I’m part of a group that covers 24/7 surgical coverage to the hospital. Usually surgeons have clinic on some days, OR days on others, but it just hasn’t worked out for our group in that way. Sometimes I wish I had more of a routine. Then I immediately think that if I had routine I’d hate it because I’d get bored. Then I tell myself it would be good because it would be reliable and maybe help me get to the gym more often; something I struggle more with now than when I was a resident working 80-100hrs/week.

Whatever the structure, or lack thereof, these are the components of this particular Wednesday…


6:48 | My work day starts a little later today and I don’t have to be there until 8:00am. The sun is rising earlier and earlier as we approach the summer solstice. And, as per her usual, Elizabeth plops right next to me in the morning, waiting for pets.


7:07 | A look at the stuff on my bedside table: water on a coaster, alarm clock that I don’t use anymore (I use the alarm on my phone) but I keep because I’ve had it since I was 7, lamp, some fake flowers, Aveeno eczema lotion (I don’t have eczema, but my hands get so dry sometimes I need the ultra moisturizing properties of this), and a little thing that receives the signals from the remote and transmits them to the blu-ray player hidden in the closet. Poking out is the cord to charge my phone. Not pictured: my phone, with which I am taking this picture and my glasses, which I’m wearing because I haven’t put my contacts in yet.


7:26 | I peek inside my medicine cabinet, where I keep the lotions, potions, and poos I use to try to halt the relentless march of time across my face. I’m not sure if it’s working, but I’ll keep using them just in case.


8:13 | So I ended up not being at work at 8:00, which is fine because my cases never start on time anyway. (I only wish they would!!) This is the other light I get stuck at routinely.


8:14 | In my scrubs, hair pulled back, ready to get the day underway.


8:23 | Phase I of work today is some elective cases.


8:39 | First stop, pre-op. (Ha. That rhymes.)


10:14 | First case complete. This is the back table.


10:53 | In between cases, I meet up with some device reps who are around trialing a new mesh for ventral hernias. I ask them if I can take a picture of their demo for the residents, which is a lie. I really just wanted it for Week in the Life. White lie? Forgivable?


11:51 | Second case done. I always wash up after my cases, not just before. These are the scrub sinks outside the room I happen to be in today.


12:24 | In between phases I and II of work is lunch. I swing by CVS on the way home (living close to work has its benefits) to pick up a prescription, some fiber (I call poop juice. Sorry if that’s tmi, but it’s part of my every day vernacular. Everybody poops, right?), and some sale Easter candy. Like I need more. We have a new law in my state whereby the grocery stores are prohibited from using those disposable plastic bags that we use around here for cat poop. (What the hell am I supposed to do with the cat poop now?!?) I’m pretty good at remembering to take my re-usable bags into the grocery store with me, but I can’t seem to remember to bring them into CVS, pet stores, etc. And I refuse to pay ten cents for one of theirs. So I carried all this out in my hands and dumped it on the passenger seat.


12:32 | Lunch today is the leftover AWESOME pasta dish with fava beans and ramps from last night. Just as good. I want it all the time, but the ingredients are just not available!


12:55 | Phase II at work is seeing patients at a rural clinic; I do this a couple of Wednesdays a month. Our surgery scheduler decorates the small office I and a resident share with her on these afternoons. I love that she has kept up the Easter decorations. I’m a traditional Episcopalian and try to keep a pretty strict Lent, which includes not putting Easter decorations all over the place until Easter actually happens, then for 40 days after. Yay for Eastertide!


17:03 | Still in the clinic, about an hour to go. This is my little corner. I’m noticing I have not drunk nearly enough water. I try to get through this liter of water in the afternoon. Better start chugging.


17:36 | The work flow around here is slowing down a bit, so I have a chance to check the Red Sox game on the AtBat app on my phone. Not going well. They end up losing.


19:41 | Dinner tonight is some homemade chicken tamales we bought from a co-worker this past Christmas that have been in the freezer, homemade Mexican rice (way authentic), and homemade “crunchies,” which are basically corn tortillas cut into quarters and fried. So homemade chips I guess. LOL.


20:34 | As soon as dinner (or any meal) is over, she all over one of us. Sometimes I have a little wine left over from dinner. Since all our shows got erased when our dvr hard drive died Sunday, we start watching “The Crown” on Netflix. I’m glad we were saving this for a rainy day. First episode was good, but it makes me miss “Victoria!”

Bed came shortly after that at around 20:50.

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