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week in the life 2017 | thursday words and photos

This Thursday was kinda weird. Not much physically going on, but tons of stress regarding crap at work and preparations for a big site visit on Sunday (more to come about that later). As the site visit approaches, my stress level is increasing… Monday it was 7/10; yesterday (plus the other crap) brought it to a 9.5/10. So I felt a little weird most of the day. I love how this project, even more than Project Life, captures the crap days, too. They are just as much parts of our week as the decent or good days. I know lots of you know this, but it’s such an important idea, it bears repeating: they’re just as much a part of the story.


6:18 | My day probably started off weird because I didn’t sleep in my bed. I had a really difficult time falling asleep the night before and I didn’t want to toss and turn all night and keep Tracy awake, so I went down to the couch. I didn’t plan on spending all night there; just enough to get sleepy, but I fell asleep and didn’t wake up till now.


7:42 | Another morning with rounding responsibilities, another morning sitting around the table talking about the patients who are on the service. It’s been busy; we have a higher than usual census. My breakfast this morning is consumed during this morning gathering and is a protein bar and some sparkling water.


8:45 | After dealing with a whole mess of unanticipated and completely ridiculous crap (which included strategizing with the Chief Medical Officer), I make it to rounds, 30 minutes late. I think I capture most of the feet involved in rounds: there is another attending present, several residents, and two medical students.


9:41 | I originally wasn’t supposed to have rounding responsibilities today, but one of my partners needed me to cover for him. So, I had placed an appointment at 10:00 and needed to head out. This is one of the stairwells I use to head outside sometimes. Through its windows I can see half of our helipad, which is used to bring us critically injured patients.


9:49 | Time for my massage. YAY.


10:02 | I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders. I have learned the hard way that if I don’t get regular massages (like every couple of weeks), I literally can’t move my head or chew without it hurting. These sessions aren’t completely relaxing, but more like physical therapy, as she really gets in there to get those knots out before they become a bigger problem. I’m grateful I can do this alternative therapy and use the time to work on my breathing.


11:56 | I have several errands to run after my massage: pick up contacts, go to post office to check PO Box and mail back incorrect dvr directv sent us, cash in winning lottery ticket Tracy got, make a deposit at the bank, and get lunch.


12: 47 | Lunch today is a sandwich from Quiznos. Last night I got sleepy watching some Star Trek: Voyager episodes (yes, I’m a total nerd). I have never watched the series, so during lunch I re-watched the bits I missed after falling asleep.

The episode I watched was actually very germaine to this week of in-depth story telling. The Voyager crew had encountered a people that had some amazing technology that would really help them. One of the cultural aspects of these people was that they absolutely loved stories. Of all kinds. So when the crew wanted to offer them something in return for the technology, they asked for their entire collection of literature. New stories. Story to them is so valuable that it was the most treasured thing they could receive.

Stories ARE that important.


13:04 | Maggie is one of the reasons I was able to complete an episode. How am I supposed to move something so cute?


15:22 | In my studio, working on the wednesday words and photos blog post.


15:52 | Today is water delivery day. We live in a place that has tons of agriculture. They use a lot of pesticides, which definitely get into the water supply. There is no public science behind this, but drinking that stuff can’t be good for you. So we get water delivered to drink and cook with.


16:58 | I do some business type stuff (residual tax things, bills, etc.) and head out to drop off outgoing mail and pick up today’s delivery. I thought my shadow next to the palm tree looked kinda neat.


19:01 | Back in my studio, I’m working on processing and printing photos for week 15 of Project Life. If baseball isn’t on, I usually play Star Trek: The Next Generation (sorry, again… I’m a nerd) on a continuous loop in the background. I like the noise and I don’t have to concentrate on it. If I play music, in invariably end up signing along, which slows me down. Photo by Tracy.


19:30 | Time to head down for dinner. We put on another episode of “The Crown.” Love Netflix!


19:31 | Dinner tonight is Thai takeout, since Tracy worked a full day. Sure, I could’ve cooked, but I really don’t like doing it. And if left up to me, we’d probably end up having a frozen meal. If I weren’t married, my dinners would be trail mix, hummus, and veggies most nights. I hate cooking that much.


20:50 | After the episode ends, we head up to bed. We’re both tired (me for not sleeping well, Tracy for working 12+ hours). Maggie follows us upstairs to tuck us in. Why do cats always like visiting us in the bathroom?

Night, Maggie.

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