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week in the life | saturday words and photos

The day was a pretty typical post-call-after-not-much-sleep kind of day. A day where I leave work between 800-900, do some self-care, think I’m going to do all kinds of things with my time away from work (like scrapbooking), but end up getting way tired and sleeping, thusly destroying my plans! Here’s how it unfolded…


5:30 | Ugh. Up at 5:00. Four hours of sleep. On call nights/mornings, my bedside table has some additional guests: the trauma pager, the call phone, my patient list (aka. my brain, where I write everything down I need to remember), and my pen. And, yes, it has to be THAT pen. It’s a fine point blue Tul pen. This pen is so important that I have a pack of them in my locker, in my office, and Tracy has one in her locker. Oh, and I have some at home. When I’m particular about something, I’m particular.


5:57 | On call mornings, I meet up with the residents, who do their table/shift change rounds at 6:00. On the way in, I get to see the sun rising over the Sierra Nevada in the distance. Love it when I can see this. Can’t wait to get up there and get hiking.


8:24 | Tracy is working today, so after we attendings do our table rounds, I find her and see if she can steal away for some breakfast. I detest eating off these styrofoam plates, but I have no other choice. Well, I could have brought something from home, but I didn’t get up early enough.


8:47 | I love the art scattered throughout the hospital. They are high quality photographs of scenes of the Sierra and surrounding foothills taken by current or former staff members. Some of them are REALLY good.


9:46 | After breakfast and finishing up some charting, while sitting next to Tracy at her work station and giggling about stuff, it’s time to head home. Peace out.


9:58 | Tracy asks if I can stop by the store and pick up some kind of french fry for tonight’s dinner. I don’t usually do the shopping, not because I’m opposed to it, but I often don’t have the time. I’m happy to be able to contribute in these small ways when my girl asks for help!


10:24 | Maggie is happy to see me. I plop on the couch for a few minutes. Tired. Need to figure out what I’m doing with the rest of my day. I want to spend all afternoon crafting in my studio, working on Project Life week 15 and making another YouTube video (it’s been over a week!! aaaahhhhh!). I really haven’t had much time for that this week. Yeah. That sounds good.


10:32 | Shower time. Let’s see… those bottles are: a couple of medicated shampoos, face wash, body wash, regular shampoo, conditioner, exfoliant (which I do once or twice a week), and shave gel.


11:23 | After my shower I head out for a long overdue pedicure. Tracy and I usually try to go together, but our work schedules have just not been in sync for the last couple of weeks. She got hers yesterday when I was on call. Also, it seemed like all the women in the whole damn town decided now was a good time to get pedicures. And no matter how many people there are waiting, when I ask how long I’ll have to wait, the answer is always five minutes. It’s never five minutes.


13:22 | Well, it was bound to happen. I’ve been trying to take pictures of my lunches during the week so I can highlight them in my Project Life spread. I forgot to take a picture. I was just so excited about a new salad from Panera and kinda spacey from lack of sleep. I totally forgot.


15:57 | After lunch, I get pretty sleepy and pull out the blanket for a nap. Maggie is also down for a nap. I’m not typically a big napper; 20-45min at the most. Today I slept for two and a half hours! There goes my grand plans for scrapbooking. When I sleep longer like that during the day, invariably I wake up feeling kinda queasy and out of sorts. Thanks a lot, cortisol.


18:30 | I washed the sheets during the day, but haven’t made the bed yet. Elizabeth loves freshly washed sheets and promptly lays all over them. She’s so cute.


18:34 | Ok, enough stalling. Time to make the bed. Funny thing about that chandelier: we used to have a ceiling fan in here. Which is great; helps keep us cool at night, which is not an easy feat. But Miss Elizabeth up there? She is terrified of them when we turn it on. Like she hunkers down and stares at is with big scared eyes like the giant moving thing in the sky is going to eat her. I’ve never seen a cat react like this! So, we never used it. We pulled it out and put it in the guest room.


18:42 | Tracy is home! She usually takes a bath right away to unwind from the day. I draw her bath; no one who has worked 12+ hours should be drawing her own bath.


18:50 | Elizabeth is a huge tease. “Look at me, look how cute I am. Don’t you want to rub my tummy? It’s super soft.” So we walk over there and she rolls over and often runs away.


19:50 | Dinner tonight is burgers & fries. As I’m preparing my bun, this happens as I’m using up a bottle of ketchup. I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear! Of course, I take a picture of it. Cuz it’s Week in the Life.


20:59 | We watch another episode of “The Crown” on Netflix. Maggie is closeby, but on patrol for the cats and dogs she hears outside. Note the cat toys in the distance: a small tennis ball and a mouse that looks like Yoda.


21:08 | Big party animals that we are, we head up the stairs to bed just after 21:00. I have a really big and long day at work tomorrow and Tracy is pooped from working all day.

Grateful for this recovery day after being on call.


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